Federal Prison Camps
Federal Prison Camps


More than sixty (60) relevant Camp topics that have been painstakingly and exhaustively covered with more than 300 pages of printed text as well as many of the accompanying and relevant downloadable official Bureau of Prisons (BOP) forms and Program Statements.
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The reader will be afforded an opportunity to see accurate and up-to-date digital photographic representations, or other artistic depictions, of various minimum-security facilities as well as select daily activities experienced by most Campers.
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This website offers an immediate and unprecedented visual tour that will initially navigate the reader through the federal sentencing process, provide time-tested suggestions in preparation for that process, and address any realistic expectations an individual should or should not have relative to that process.

Next, the reader will be made privy to specific suggestions and recommendations for any individual who is preparing to report to a BOP minimum-security Federal Prison Camp, a step-by-step guide in actually reporting to the Camp, and insights into what that person needs to do, and can expect to experience, in that first seventy-two hours - a period that can expectantly be the most unnerving for any person who is not familiar with the process.

Finally, while covering more than sixty (60) relevant topics, the reader will be methodically walked through an unparalleled documentary and photographic tour of various minimum-security penal facilities, while being introduced to actual daily BOP-wide "Camp Life," official Camp policies, seeing many of the requisite documents and forms that will routinely confront the newly arrived "Camper," be made aware of Camp extracurricular programs, and learn about Camp weekend activities and schedules - all supported with real-time downloadable BOP forms/policies, actual current or former federal Camp inmate input, as well as unprecedented photographic and/or artistic representations of these activities.

Upon completion of this presentation, each reader will no doubt come away with not only a newfound and intimate knowledge of the Federal Prison Camp system, but an invaluable insight into most of the typical Camp idiosyncrasies as well as an unprecedented look at the day-to-day routine that every Camper can expect to experience during their "stay" in any Federal Prison Camp environment.

In simplistic terms, federalprisoncamps.org offers our readers an accurate, up-to-date, and factually objective "soup-to-nuts" tour of the minimum-security U.S. Federal Prison Camp system and offers it through this immediately available electronic venue. Moreover, we make this offer at a fraction of the cost of other dated and far less-comprehensive hardcopy publications and do so without resorting to oft-times inaccurate, and usually embellished, marketing "scare tactics." Succinctly, our readers will always find this publication to be consistent with the exacting guidelines and demanding principles set forth in our Mission Statement .

We are confident that you will find this website presentation both enlightening as well as instructive. Please enjoy the tour.

Note: Although this site does contain considerable information concerning agency-wide BOP policies, facilities, and clothing for female inmates, it is primarily designed to address the much more populated male facilities. However, individual and specific female facility reports can be prepared upon request.

Note: Some government and other downloadable documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader
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