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WELCOME to Federal Prison Camp Tour.com , the most informative and comprehensive site available specifically designed to assist any individual in preparing for and adjusting to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) minimum-security Federal Prison Camp system. Moreover, we are the first independent non-government affiliated firm to offer such an inclusive tour in such an informative, unbiased, up-to-date documentary/photographic "virtual tour" type format, and do so in this type of immediately available electronic venue. Learn more »


FEderal Prison Camp Tour Topics

More than sixty (60) relevant Camp topics that have been painstakingly and exhaustively covered with more than 300 pages of printed text as well as many of the accompanying and relevant downloadable official Bureau of Prisons (BOP) forms and Program Statements.
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Federal Prison Camp Visuals
The reader will be afforded an opportunity to see accurate and up-to-date digital photographic representations, or other artistic depictions, of various minimum-security facilities as well as daily
activities experienced by most Campers.
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For further information about BOP facilities, sentencing mitigation, or most other inmate advocacy issues, contact the nationally recognized experts at: www.TheMPMGroup.com Federal Prison Camp Federal Cure
Note: Some government and other downloadable documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader
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